Possible Tuber sp. nov.

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at ipns.com
Wed Feb 13 09:09:32 EST 2002

Yesterday was called to a mushroom wholesaler, who had a single
collection (sporocarp) of a Tuber species which I either don't
recognize or which may be a new species.

The sporocarp has an off-white peridium with pure-white venae
externae; a chocolate-milk colored gleba with white veins, but
relatively few than I would expect in, say, T. gibbosum var. gibbosum,
which it is similar to; under certain low-light conditions (which I
was able to capture via my Sony Mavica) unusual blood-red to
ruby-colored areas within the gleba, typically near the center; and
finally, an aroma similar to morels and (of all things) raspberries.

The specimen is currently on its way to Dr. Trappe at Oregon State
University for identification. But it varies in several ways from T.
rufum and/or T. lyonii. I was not present when the specimen was found,
but I presume it was found near Douglas-fir.

Does anyone know of a similar Tuber species?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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