Good Ascomycete book?

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Thu Feb 14 05:08:49 EST 2002

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> I'm been finding several new (to me) cup fungi, and was wondering if
> anyone had a recommendation for a book covering cup fungi and
> ascomycetes in the Pacific Northwest.
> Last weekend, for example, found a red cup fungus about 1.5 inches
> diameter, a  black or dark chocolate brown cup fungus with a stem, a
> small pinched cup fungus still mostly in-rolled, and finally a black
> cup fungus (maybe?) with an off-center stem and a shape that resembled
> Otidea.
> Anyone want to take a guess what kind of cup fungi would be fruiting,
> apparently just after snowfalls, in this area?
> Daniel B.Wheeler

Here are a few good ones to try:

Tylutki, E. E.  1979.  Mushrooms of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest 
Discomycetes.  Univ. Press of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.  133p.

Seaver, F. J.  1978 (Reprint of 1928 with revisions of 1942).  The North 
American Cup-Fungi (Operculates).  J. Cramer, New York, NY.  377p.
Seaver, F. J.  1951.  The North American Cup-Fungi (Inoperculates).  J. 
Cramer, New York, NY.  428p.

Breitenbach J. and F. Kranzlin, editors.  1984.  Fungi of Switzerland 
Vol. 1.  Mykologia, Luzern.  310p.

Smith, A. H., H. V. Smith and N. S. Weber.  1981.  How to Know the 
Non-gilled Mushrooms.  Wm. C. Brown Co., Dubuque, Iowa.  324p.

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