Any experts on Dentinum?

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Thu Feb 14 05:08:51 EST 2002

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 dwheeler at (Daniel B. Wheeler) wrote:

> While looking at a possible sp. nov. Tuber yesterday, I noticed a very
> large (over 5 inches diameter) Dentinum species which was unknown to
> me. Although similar to Dentinum repandum (with which it was lumped),
> this specimen/species differed in having:
> A centrally depression extending into the stipe
> Scales
> Slightly off-white coloration
> According to the mushroom wholesaler, a "better taste" than the
> typical 1.5-3" diameter D. repandum with which they were mixed.
> Of the perhaps 15 pounds of Dentinum I saw in boxes, only 3 appeared
> to be this larger variety. I was informed they are called "spreaders"
> by the pickers, and were probably collected in Coos County, Oregon.
> Any ideas?
> Daniel B. Wheeler

Dentinum repandum gets very big, when allowed to grow.  I have seen them 
over a foot in diameter and several inches thick.  The commerical 
bucketeers are keeping them so small by picking every one they find.  
The scales and umbilicate center are normal variations.

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