Re: Good Ascomycete book?

Marco Floriani marco.floriani at
Fri Feb 15 04:20:57 EST 2002

(Daniel B. Wheeler) wrote:

> I'm been finding several new (to me) cup fungi, and was wondering if
> anyone had a recommendation for a book covering cup fungi and
> ascomycetes in the Pacific Northwest.

Dear Daniel,

other than the books recommended by Darvin, I suggest the following
(even if it's focused on the Northern European mycoflora):

   Hansen, L. & Knudsen, H. (eds.) (2000) - Nordic Macromycetes
      vol. 1. Ascomycetes. Nordsvamp. Copenhagen. 308 pp.

And don't forget the good old Dennis:

   Dennis, R.W.G. (1978) - British Ascomycetes. Vaduz.

Also have a look at this website for many useful references about the


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