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Mon Feb 25 03:42:31 EST 2002

This letter comes to from the Florida Mycology Research Center (FMRC).  This 
is our 30th year in research into mushrooms.  As we believe you have an 
interest in mushrooms, we thought it would be of professional courtesy to 
offer you a FREE issue of our coming up issue #54 April 2002 "The Mushroom 
Culture", The Journal Of Mushroom Cultivation ("TMC") Electronica. The "TMC" 
Electronica issues have far over 10 free type email addresses 
such as hotmail and others cannot receive it as it over exceeds their storage 
capabilities.  It is best to use the computer's home base email address like 
aol or compuserve. 

If you would like to inspect #54 "TMC" Electronica FREE, just email us back 
and ask for it at FloridaMycology at "TMC" Electronica comes in email 
format with attachment.  It may take up to an hour or more to download, 
depending on your computer, but it should be worth it as it will bring to you 
a new communication link in the world of mushrooms.  It also contains of 
course, beautiful mushrooms in color.

If you would like, you are welcomed to give this offer to any other people 
you know that may have an interest in mushrooms, before or after you receive 
your free issue.

Your name is not in our files.  You were either referred to us by a friend, 
or we found your name in an electronic mycological script.  There is no need 
to REMOVE.  If we do not hear back from you, you should not hear back from 
us.  If you have received this message in error and have no interest in 
mushrooms, we apologize.  All of us here at FMRC thank you for your time in 
reading this.  Highest Regards, Stephen L. Peele, Curator FMRC    
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