searching for info on gourmet mushroom farming

Robin McDonald eyerob at
Wed Feb 27 03:58:46 EST 2002

I am seriously thinking of starting a gourmet mushroom farm in central
New York.  Any information or links with info on; legislation,
marketing, wholesale supplies, use of public lands, agriforestry(as
this will be a "woods grown" venture), permits needed, area specific
strains, infestation precautions,etc.
  Also... am looking for sources of good equipment: autoclave,
autoclavable bags, inoculators, spawn suppliers, sheduling planners,
and anything else I might need for a small mushroom farm business.
 I can be reached at,

  eyerob at                     Thank you
 mailings, brochures,letters;

  Robin McDonald
  52a West st.
  Auburn, NY 13021

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