I don't know this kind of mushroom is ?

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Tue Jan 1 06:07:40 EST 2002

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> Hi all of you,
> Near my home, on the wood I find http://gilisa.free.fr/mushr/what_kind_of_mushroom.htm
> this mushroom. It seems a mushroom of wood, the aspect is runny, it does not smell nothing,
> in my popular book of mushrooms I don't find nothing.
> Does anyone know something about that ?
I'm _pretty sure_ it's Tremella mesenterica, which often goes by the
name of Witch's Butter (although I haven't figured out why). There is
a nice color photo of it in Mushrooms Demystified by David Aurora,
plate 170. It frequently fruits on hardwood, especially smaller
branches and twigs.

Candied it's supposed to be good eating. Aurora says it is tasteless
and flavorless otherwise: mostly watery. Your specimen has lost some
of its bright yellow coloration, an indication the specimen is older
and should probably not be eaten anyway.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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