In nomenclature, what does "cf" mean?

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confer(KAWN-fehr) “Compare.” Usually abbreviated cf. and often used in
footnotes, this indicates that one should compare the present passage or
statement with the one referred to.

and the latin>

confero -ferre -tuli -latum
 (1) [to bring or put together , collect, concentrate]; of money, etc. [to
contribute]; milit., [to bring into contact or collision]; 'pedem (cum pede)',
[to fight foot to foot]; 'signa conferre', [to engage]; of speech and ideas,
[to interchange, discuss]; of diverse things,

 >>[to compare]. (2) [to bring to] a particular place, sphere, task, etc.; 'se
conferre', [to betake oneself, or to devote oneself]; in time, [to put off,
postpone]; of responsibility, [to impute, attribute].




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