Micotoxins, ochratoxin.

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"Maria Gabriella Amico" <write.me2002 at tiscali.it> wrote in message news:<6jn%7.7822$cU4.251465 at twister1.libero.it>...
> Hello there! I'm an italian biologist and I'd find some informations about
> micotoxins and ochratoxin, to write specialization thesis.
> Thanks

It would be a good idea to search in www.google.com for mycotoxins.

Many fungi contain mycotoxins, which in nature limit the growth of
competitor organisms and other fungi. Lentinan is one, from Lentinula
edodes. I believe boletin is another from Boletus edulis. Calvacin had
promise for treating some cancer, from Langermania gigantea (formerly
Calvatia g.). There are likely thousands of others, but I am unaware
of any specific single source for identifying them.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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