Cantharellus tubaeformis fruiting

Chris Shepard scs at
Wed Jan 16 04:54:33 EST 2002

Mushroom season has been all but over in this area (southern Vancuver
Island, B.C. Canada) for about a month.  I checked one of my favorite fall
mushrooming spots on the 12th of January, on a whim, and found a massive
fruiting of Winter Chanterelles.  They were not only abundant but huge (for
Canterellus tubaformis):  up to 7 cm accross.  The ones I find in the fall
are usually less than half that size.  I have posted a picture of some
specimens before they went into the frying pan

We've had a relatively warm moist winter and this perhaps has contributed to
the abundance and large size of the chanterelles. Comments?

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