Amanita phalloides poisonings

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> "Mushroom hunting couple released from hospital"
> Published 7:30 p.m. PST Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2002
> SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A mushroom hunting couple who mistakenly ate "death caps"
> has been released from the hospital.
> The unidentified couple in their 50s ate the mushrooms two weeks ago and came
> close to needing liver transplants.
> Amanita phalloides mushrooms can destroy the liver.
> The couple reportedly picked the mushrooms themselves when they were visiting
> relatives in Watsonville. They prepared and ate a stew on Jan. 8. Hours later,
> they began suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and severe cramps, and
> checked themselves into the local hospital.
> Ann Mosher, of the California Pacific Medical Center, says the husband was
> released Tuesday and was expected to fully recover. The wife was released last
> week.
> Mosher said they two are feeling lucky to be alive. "They won't be picking any
> wild mushrooms," she said. 
Thanks David. I'm reminded of what Mark Twain (I believe) wrote:

"The sad thing about a cat that jumps on a hot stove is not that it
gets burned, it's that it will never jump on a stove again."

OTOH, if they didn't know they were eating A. phalloides, perhaps it
is just as well.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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