Newbie picker seeks advice, fellow hunters

Bill Walker bhw at
Wed Jun 12 03:45:08 EST 2002

Hi all,

After many long years of hesitation, I've decided that I'd like to
explore the world of mushrooms that don't come dried in a bag, or worse,
packed in a can.

I have 'Krieger' and a Simon and Schuster identification guide, but
without someone standing next to me eating the same mushroom, I doubt
that I would ever have enough bravery/stupidity to risk my life eating a
mushroom whose identification was only based upon my novice skills.
Especially since I've seen some convincing pictures of edibles and
fatally poisonous mushrooms growing side by side.

I'd appreciate any and all efforts to introduce me to Northestern US
mycophagia, and if there are enthusiasts near MD who I could go hunting
with, that would be a huge plus.

I'm currently interested in a huge orange/pink globular mushroom that is
growing out of the ground at the base of a very large tree.  This thing
seems to pop up every year and is very solid and heavy.  I haven't seen
anything resembling it in any of my identification manuals, but I will
collect a specimen and try to provide a more rigorous textual
description and perhaps even a photograph.


Bill Walker
University of Maryland
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
College Park, MD

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