Preserving Giant Puffball

Colin Davidson cabd2 at
Tue Jun 18 03:37:23 EST 2002

"CostFamily" <costfamily at> wrote in message
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> I was fortunate today to find a beautiful 4 lb giant puffball in prestine
> condition.   I found it in the Wasatch mountains  East of Ogden Utah,
(about 5
> miles from where the mens downhill olympic ski races took place)  No
> or signs of deterioration.  I plan to cut it up and cubes and freeze it
for use
> latter on.  Is this a good way to preserve puffballs or is there a better
> Dennis

The giant puffball isn't the easiest beast to preserve. My advice is to hold
a dinner party and feed it to your friends!

If you do wish to preserve it, I reccomend slicing it really thinly and
drying it in a -warm- place for several hours. Take the dried flakes and put
them in a tightly sealed jar for later use. They add great flavour to soups
and stews.

Another good option is to use it to make such a soup or stew and freeze
that, in my opinion that gives a far better result than the limp, damp,
spongy thing you get by freezing slices.

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