Newbie picker seeks advice, fellow hunters

Bill Walker bhw at
Thu Jun 20 04:06:39 EST 2002

"Daniel B. Wheeler" wrote:

> There's a simple way to keep from eating the poisonous varieties,
> Bill. Learn them first. Forewarned is fore-armed.

Sure thing.  My plan right now is to get the whole general process of identification down (spore
prints, habitat, morphological attributes and nomenclature) so that I can stock up on samples with
which to compare and contrast as I go.

> Can't help you much there, Bill. I'm in that Nirvana of mycophagists
> Oregon.

And for my next trick, I will turn a deep dark hue of Envy Green.  I was just in Seattle not too
long ago, and I really enjoyed it and the surrounding area.  Really nice place, really nice
people.  DC sucks.

>  And perhaps most important, what kind of a tree is it growing near?

Oak.  Quercetus something-or-other. :)

> Send me a jpeg if possible and I'll take a guess. But I should warn
> you I don't have much experience with eastern mushrooms. OTOH, Oregon
> has _a lot_ of different things here that aren't seen often in other
> parts of the US.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

Thanks so much for your help!


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