Little Brown Mushrooms

Bill Walker bhw at
Thu Jun 20 04:08:09 EST 2002

Mycos wrote:

> Do *not* eat this mushroom. It isn't a Marasmius species. They have a
> white spore print.

I'm not sure you can tell much from this scan, but here's a dried sample.
Upon drying it got crinkly,  a bit browner, or maybe I should say a deeper
shade of yellow/gold.

While trying to match the morphological characteristics to an ID key, I was
unsure whether or not I had collected 2 distinct species, or just a
collection of younger and older fruiting bodies.  The scan shows the wider,
flatter variety, but the other mushrooms were more hemispherically round,
lighter yellow in coloration, and seemed to dry out more slowly.  I was also
unsure about how significant variations in the margins of the caps were.
One seemed to stick straight out, perpendicular to the ground with the gills
not quite reaching out to the edge, while the other margins seemed to curve
down and be attached to the edges of the gills.

If anyone on these newsgroups knows of a mushroom club near me (College
Park, MD), I'd be delighted to avail myself of their knowldege and



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