Preserving Giant Puffball

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Thu Jun 20 04:08:22 EST 2002

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> I was fortunate today to find a beautiful 4 lb giant puffball in prestine
> condition.   I found it in the Wasatch mountains  East of Ogden Utah, (about 5
> miles from where the mens downhill olympic ski races took place)  No maggaots
> or signs of deterioration.  I plan to cut it up and cubes and freeze it for use
> latter on.  Is this a good way to preserve puffballs or is there a better way?
I have seen specimens which were sliced 1/2"-1" thick and dried in
slabs, then offered for sale to restaurants and food specilists
(chefs). Dried material reported reconstitutes well. I cannot vouch
for the flavor, though.

The classic harvest method (assuming the specimen is near where you
live) is to take a 1/2"-1" slab off the top of the mushroom, and allow
the rest to "heal". The initial cut will cause the mushroom to slow
down development until it has healed from the wound, and allows
several meals to be made from it (supposedly). I cannot personally
verify this procedure: I have not found a giant puffball.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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