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> Last week in British Columbia I saw a small mushroom with a forked
> stipe. It had two caps, the branching was about halfway up the stipe. 
> The caps were off-white, about 1 - 1.5 cm. diameter and were gilled
> without any really obvious striations.  The stipe was about 5 - 6 cm
> tall, quite slender - perhaps 2 mm thick.  I was with a group so could
> not stop and examine it too closely.  It was growing in woodland
> (actually rain forest) near to a large old cedar tree, but there were
> other tree varieties such as Big Leaf Maple in the immediate area.
>    I have never seen a forked stipe before.  Does anyone know is this a
> particular variety or is it something that sometimes occurs with some
> species.

The Mycena genus has several varieties known for producing multiple
stems from the same main stem. Mostly these are very small species,
often growing on fallen laves. I've seen only a few of them this year,
but B.C. might have much more.

The cap diameter seems a little large for many Mycenas,
never know without an actual fungus in hand, or at least a photo.

You might check out for pictures of Mycenas.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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