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Mon Nov 4 03:47:44 EST 2002

rkurtz3 at ("Mr. M Kurtz") wrote in message news:<20021013.204935.11630.8.rkurtz3 at>...
> I have a student looking at organisms called Tardigrades.
> She wants to look at them in lichens to get information about
> their distribution.  I was wondering if anyone in this group would
> be able to send us some lichens for investigation.  If not any
> suggestions
> as to how she could obtain samples of lichens.
> Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Richard Kurtz 
> South Side High School
> Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY
Locally lichens are found on rocks, buildings, tree trunks and
branches, and nearly any stable platform that has been in place for a
while. Lichens are very sensitive to pollution. As such, they _may_ be
rare in New York. But checking out some of the parks should show up
lichens on several locations.

I have a couple of species that I can send if you are still interested
in them. One is Lobaria oregana, I believe. (I'm not the world's
greatest lichenologists, but they can be keyed out on-line if you are
willing to take the time.)

Let me know what address you want these lichen samples sent to.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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