New Mushroom Book purchased

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Nov 4 03:47:48 EST 2002

I just purchased The Chanterelle Book by Olle Persson, c. 1997 by Ten
Speed Press, Berkeley, CA. The book contains many species of
chanterelles, and a host of recipes. Unfortunately no mention was made
of Dr. Eric Danell, who is the first person to have cultivated
Cantharellus cibarius with Pinus seedlings. I have seen some of Eric's
photographs, and the first fruiting body found was growing out of a
drain hole in a 1 gallon pot from a pine tree that was only 18 months
old (as I recall).

I think the book is probably worth it's cover price of $16.95 (I got
mine at a special Oregon Mycological Society discount of $15).

Think you've heard everything about chanterelles already? Ever heard
of C. aurora? How about C. aurora-borealis? (Hint: the first is in the
book, the second is not.)

Daniel B. Wheeler

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