invasiveness of AMF

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Mon Nov 18 11:42:22 EST 2002

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> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone of you know something about invasiveness of arbuscular
> mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Might there be a hazard in using commercial
> inoculum in different climatic environment to the indigenous AMF
> populations?
At this time, I don't think _anyone_ knows. We do know that
mycorrhizal fungi are important to overall tree health, and reduces
tree stress. While not all mycorrhizal fungi are probably appropriate,
it is not proven that they colonize inappropriate sites either.

I recently read that a tree has as many as 7 mycorrhizal species in a
single .5cm of rootlet. A typical conifer has approximately as many of
these .5cm sites as it does needles. I know of no person who has
looked at all such sites in even a _small_ seedling tree, let alone a
10 year old tree, for example. A rather doubt clinical examine of such
trees is still several years (decades? centuries?) off at this time.

Nonetheless, that's one reason I prefer growing (or attempting to
grow) native species versus non-native species.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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