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Fri Nov 22 04:18:56 EST 2002

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> The mushrooms were found in Israel, at the base of an olive tree.
> They are fairly large, going from an inch or two in length to eight inches
> in length, with cap diameters ranging from an inch to approximately four
> inches.
> The color of the stipe and the gills is a uniform, fairly bright orange.
> The gills are narrow, and close and descend a fair distance down the stipe.
> The caps are mostly a deep chocolate brown, fading towards orange at their
> center.  There are faint striations running down the stipes, and the caps
> seem to have some faint indication of a hair like structure.
> The spore color appears to be a deep orange or brown, but this is without
> taking a regular spore print.
> It's been a bit dry here of late, and the caps of the mushrooms are dry and
> smooth to the touch.  Other than that, they have a rich, slightly peppery
> "mushroom" scent, and there was no indication of a basal bulb or veil
> remnants.
Without seeing an actual photo, this is just a guess: Pholiota sps.?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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