Newbie needs a little help...

Bill Walker bhw at
Fri Nov 22 04:19:06 EST 2002

...because they're little mushrooms!

Sorry about the poor condition - they dried out REALLY FAST.
The tops are orange/brown with a slightly lighter "margin", and the
sides taper in, almost puckering.
The sides of these things looked a bit like gray synthetic fleece.

Haven't found anything in any of my books that looks even close.

They were growing in the mulch around the base of a tree (unidentified).

Under a nearby bush were a cluster of:
Which I have tentatively identified as _Lepiota rachodes_ (white spore

This tiny shroom is one of the more unusual shrooms that I've collected
in Maryland in the last month.  It's hard to identify them all fast
enough before they dry out and shrivel. Fall has been much kinder than
Spring. :)



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