lachnellula willkommii and the Japan Larch

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> The Japan larch (larix kaempferi) is not struck in Europe by the larch
> cancer (lachnellula willkommii), although they can observe the illness
> in its origin area. Can anyone give an explanation for this
> phenomenon?


The cedar blight was first carried to Oregon on ornamental cedars from
Japan. The blight doesn't seem to affect those cedars at all. But it
_deadly_ to Port Orford cedar. Similarly, Sudden Oak Death has been
cultivated on Douglas-fir, but doesn't seem to kill that tree
(although it does apparently infect some buds and terminal needles).

Many fir, hemlock and pine have endophytic fungi in the needles.
Perhaps this acts as a fungal barrier against some parasitic fungi.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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