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Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Fri Oct 18 09:57:41 EST 2002

Pete <Pete541 at> wrote in message news:<pgpmoose.200210140936.1479 at>...
> Could someone please help identify the object shown at
> It's an isolated specimen found recently on one of the San Juan Islands
> in Washington State (USA). It was on rotting wood at the base of a fir
> tree.
> The red "balls" are about 1/8-inch in size. The pic shows small pine
> needles for comparison.
> Can't find it in the fungus books; maybe it's a lichen or something's
> eggs?
> Thanks for your help?
I've never seen it, Pete. It appears to be fruiting from the needles
themselves, or perhaps small twigs near the needles. I would guess
it's an ascomycete, but would have to be put under a microscope for
more detailed observations.

Sure is brilliant colored, though. Reminds me of a Douglas-fir flower
in the spring.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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