Help! What is this...?

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Mon Oct 28 04:52:45 EST 2002

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>>Here's my guess:  It is transforming plasmodia of Lycogala epidendrum or
>>Tubifera ferruginosa.   Both are common slime-molds.  The former is very
>>common in PNW forests, and when ripe, looks like little red BBs.
>Speaking of.....I found attached to a Populus of some species, a
>little...what looked like a little gray puffball.But when I squeezed
>it, this bright, almost fluorescent looking pink slime came out from
>inside. I've never seen or heard of such a thing before or since.
>Any ideas?
>G. Williams

Another slime mold, probably a  species of Lycogala. Lycogala epidendrum  is 
common in the Western U.S. The exterior is pink when young, greyish in age, 
while the interior of young specimens is pinkish and gooey, ochre-colored at 
maturity. I believe a common name for this slime mold is the "toothpaste slime 

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