Fungi fd. 26 Oct. 2002

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Oct 28 04:53:10 EST 2002

Fd. the following fungi in Tillamook Co., OR on 26 Oct. 2002:

A Tuber species, probably sp. nov., under Western hemlock but near
Sitka spruce and Red alder. While there was Douglas-fir in the area,
it is unlikely surface roots would/could have fought their way through
the mass of roots both spruce and hemlock produce. Very shallow depth:
less than 1 inch. Partially eaten by animals. Only 3 sporocarps found,
but two were quite mature and had a wonderful aroma of fresh-roasted
hazelnuts blended with cheddar cheese and a little garlic.

Also found 28 matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare)
about a pound of Rhizopogon occidentalis
Tricholoma magnivelare
Unknown Leccinum species, rather small (less than 3 inches across the
cap), near Lodgepole pine
Boletus edulis var. pinicola
Assorted Cortinarius sps. (does anyone know a good reference for PNW
Hypholoma fasciculare

Daniel B. Wheeler

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