Fungi fd 8 Sept. 2002 (Boise, ID)

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Mon Sep 30 03:52:19 EST 2002

"Robert L. Chehey" <cheheyr at> wrote in message news:<up6eevimi4el3d at>...
> Dan Wheeler wrote,
> > Sounds like you got some rain, Robert. I don't see any truffles or
> > false truffles listed, though. You should be near where Alexander H.
> > Smith found many of the Rhizopogons he was often claimed to be the
> > expert in.
> Dan,
> You're right, McCall, ID  (Blue Mountains Biome bordering Northern Rocky
> Mts. Biome) is where we have our forays.  Many hypogaeous species have a
> type locality close by, especially Smith's Rhizopogons.  Our problem is that
> we have no one in the club that is proficient in this group.
> I'd love to have you, or one of your colleagues come to our Spring or fall
> forays.  We don't have anyone who even knows how to look for them.  Sure, we
> look for digging or 'humping'  in the duff, but usually get sidtracked by
> something on the surface.  If you wanted to come over, you might stir up
> some interest.
> See you at Diamond Lake, I hope,
It doesn't look like I'll get to Diamond Lake at this time, Bob. But
I'm sure that Dr. Trappe will help you with looking for truffles.
And...he'll even identify what you find!

I think, after you've found the first couple of handfuls, that you'll
agree finding truffles is not difficult. Identification..."Aye,
there's the rub!"

I'm guessing that Nancy Smith-Weber will also be attending the forage.
She is wonderful to hunt with, and can show you a lot. And I'm betting
that a large contingency of NATS members will probably show up as
well, meaning there should be a lot of hypogeous fungi on the display
tables (many, perhaps, for the first time). I am looking forward to
hearing what was found during the forage.

In the meantime, I will be out hunting in other parts of Oregon.
Hopefully, not all of the matsutake will be fruiting in Diamond Lake!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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