seeking id of mushrroms purchased in Chinatown San Francisco

Workman workman at
Wed Apr 23 03:51:44 EST 2003

They are Pleurotus eryngii, the King Oyster.  A very good mushroom but
not a bolete.

I found some pictures of a commercial growing operation that matches
your mushrooms very well.


Mike Maas <docmaas-nospam at> wrote in message news:<7fe27vonspthd25u0lmu57tt9lkotsc4vm at>...
> Don't know what they are. My wife bought them thinking they were
> boletes.  They do look like boletes but no tubes and what appear to be
> the beginnings of gills make me wonder.  I looked at gilled boletes on
> the web but these don't really look like the ones I saw on the web
> either.  
> They tast delicious similar to boletes I harvested this fall but quite
> strong.  Strangely they have almost no odor.  In fact she also bought
> some fresh Shiitake at the same time and they smelled the same so I
> think the smell is probably a result of shipping or storage.
> Anyway if anyone knows what they are I'd like to know.
> thanks,
> Mike
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