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> >> Fungi found Jan. 25, 2003 at Paul Bishop's (a week before the annual
> >> FREE truffle hunt):
> >
> > (. . .)
> >
> >> Witch's Butter (sorry, forgot the scientific name)
> >
> > Tremella Mesenterica, IIRC.  I rather like it in those "cup o' noodles"
> > type ramen soups.
> >
> Sorry you recall incorrectly. Tremella Mesenterica is Yellow Brain Fungus.
> Witches' Butter is Exidia glandulosa = E. plana = E.truncata, and is

I suppose this is one of the perils of using common names -- the fungus that
I know as witches butter is usually yellow, and occasionally orange.
Lincoff (the Audubon Field Guide), and McKnight and McKnight (the Peterson
Field Guide) agree with me on what witches butter is (Lincoff calls E.
Gladulosa "Black Jelly Roll", and the McKnights call it "Warty Jelly
Fungus", for what it's worth), but it wouldn't take much to convince me that
there are places were "Yellow Brain Fungus" means T. Mesenterica, and
"Witches Butter" means the E. Glandulosa.

So, Daniel -- what color was the stuff you found?  And did you try it in
ramen soup?

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