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Wed Feb 19 04:38:22 EST 2003

Chris© wrote in message ...
>Couple of questions about desiccant and preserving mushrooms.
>1. Does desiccant loose it's efficiency? For example that packet that
>came with my coat. Will it still work after 12 months?

I have regenerated silica gel desiccant by putting it in the oven for a
couple of hours. Silica gel usually has a Cobalt salt indicator which turns
from blue (dry) to pink (wet) so you can tell when it has absorbed as much
water as it can. Presumably you can regenerate most desiccants by baking the
water off in the oven.

>2. Where would you typically buy desiccant?

Woolworth's in the UK is currently doing a special on calcium chloride in
500 gram packets meant for a room dehumidifier.

I would've thought one of those hot air driers would be much better for
drying fungi. Alternatively put your oven on the lowest setting it will go
on and leave mushrooms in it overnight with the door slightly open. This is
especially good for preserving mushrooms for food use as there are no
desiccant chemicals involved.

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