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> Couple of questions about desiccant and preserving mushrooms.
> 1. Does desiccant loose it's efficiency? For example that packet that
> came with my coat. Will it still work after 12 months?
> 2. Where would you typically buy desiccant?
> 3. Is there anymore information on the Honey preserving method? How
> common is it used? How does that work?
> Thanks. I appreciate any help. As you know I have a growkit which is
> behaving it's self and working well for me. The next natural stage is
> to know what to do with these mushrooms.
The logical thing to do with too many mushrooms is to dry them by
slicing into 1/8-inch thick sections, and either air drying until
completely bone dry, or drying on _very_ low heat in the oven until
bone dry. Once the dried fungi are brittle (not leathery: they should
"snap" rather than bend) they can be stored in an air-tight container
or zip-lock bag. For best results (I use this for morels) store the
dried mushrooms in the freezer. Should there be any little excess
water still in the mushrooms, storing in a freezer will often
"freeze-dry" them.<G>

Freezing dried mushrooms really keeps the flavor and aroma present for
a long time.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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