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>> Couple of questions about desiccant and preserving mushrooms.
>> 1. Does desiccant loose it's efficiency? For example that packet that
>> came with my coat. Will it still work after 12 months?
>> 2. Where would you typically buy desiccant?
>> 3. Is there anymore information on the Honey preserving method? How
>> common is it used? How does that work?
>> Thanks. I appreciate any help. As you know I have a growkit which is
>> behaving it's self and working well for me. The next natural stage is
>> to know what to do with these mushrooms.
> The logical thing to do with too many mushrooms is to dry them by
> slicing into 1/8-inch thick sections, and either air drying until
> completely bone dry, or drying on _very_ low heat in the oven until
> bone dry.
rest snipped...
A French collegue at work a few years ago once said that when he went
home the previous week-end his family picked 70Kg(sic) Boletus edulis.
When I asked him what they did with all those mushrooms, he told me
that his mother cut them up and partially cooked them before putting
them in portion-sized polythene bags and freezing them.
I pass this on in case someone else wants to try this method - the
chances of me requiring the technique are almost negligible :-(.
Edwin Hutton
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