"Psychedelic mushrooms" linked to murder

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>From The Oregonian, Feb. 21, 2003, p B5 (Metro/Northwest)

Teenager enters plea in mother's death
By NOELLE CROMBIE, The Oregonian
	OREGON CITY - David Seven pleaded not guilty Thursday to one count of
aggravated murder in the stabbing and interntional maiming of his
	Seven, 17, was indicted Thursday on the Measure 11 charge. If
convicted, he facees a sentence of life in prison or life with a
30-year minimum. As a juvenile, he is not eligible for the death
	The body of Linda Seven, 52, was found in the eary morning of Feb. 11
in the Happy Valley home she shared with her two sons. She had been
repeatedly stabbed.
	Seven appeared Thursday before Clackamas County Circuit Judge Steven
	His family, including his older brother, two sisters and father, were
at the hearing.
	Heidi Dobos, who lives in Colorado, said she attended so she could
see her brother. "We still love him," she said.
	Seven did not acknowledge his relatives, who sat behind him during
the brief court proceeding. He sat with his head down. His arms and
legs were chained, and he was guarded by sheriff's deputies.
	After the hearing, Seven's court-appointed attorney, David Viuhkola,
said the teen was glad his family came to show their support.
	Robert Seven, David's father and Linda Seven's former husband, said
Thursday's court appearance was the first time he had seen his son
since the boy's arrest. He said his son has refused to let him visit.
	According to court documents filed Wednesday, David Seven told a
detective that he stabbed his mother with a kitchen knife while he was
high on psychedlic mushrooms and marijuana.
	Viuhkola said this week he will pursue an insanity defense for his
client. He said Thursday he does not think the teen has been treated
for mental illness, but the youth has seen counselors in the past.
	Seven is being held without bail in the Donald E. Long Juvenile
Detention Center in Portland.

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