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>> >> All Tremella spp., sensu stricto, are parasites on other
>> >> fungi (even if it isn't obvious). In the case of T. mesenterica in
>> >> Britain the host is corticioid.
>> >> 
>> >> Jerry Cooper
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>> > Thanks for posting Jerry.
>> > 
>> > I followed your reply all the way thru until the last word.
>> > Corticioid. Never heard of it. It seems to be a reference to
>> > Cortinarius? If so, that's the first time I've ever heard of a
>> > Cortinarius sps. growing on either Douglas-fir stumps or logs: the
>> > typical location of where I find T. messenterica. I don't believe I've
>> > ever found it growing as a parasite on a Cortinarius mushroom.
>> > 
>> > So...I'm guessing this is another word I'm going to have to learn.
>> > Someone feel like enlightening me?
>> > 
>> Corticioid will be of the family Corticiacae, which are the resupinate
>> crust-like fungi usually found growing on wood. It is a fairly big
>> family, of absolutely no culinary interest whatsoever.
> Would Stereum sps. be part of the family? I did find a varety of this
> growing near the T. messenterica of one stump, but didn't notice it at
> all locations.
Stereum sps. are in their own family, the Stereacae.
Both the Corticiacae and the Stereacae are in the order Corticiales
in the  sub-class Aphyllophoromycetideae
in the class Homobasidiomycetes
in the subdivision Basidiomycotina
in the division Amastigomycota
in the kingdom Fungi.
This is the latest version I have of the classification. They keep on
changing their minds though :-(
An older book has these two species in the order Aphyllophorales.
As far as I know the order Corticiales contains only these two families,
but the book is not clear on this point.
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