Fungiphotos calendar 2003

Marc Palmer marc at
Tue Jan 14 04:45:38 EST 2003


I'm pleased to announce that the 2003 Wall Calendar is 
available to order online now!

The calendar contains a selection of my best photos, none of which have 
featured on the site yet (because I am so behind on it). It includes 
beautiful and unusual pictures, with a mix of edibles and inedibles from 
Shaggy Ink Caps to Fly Agaric and some strange things that I haven't even 
been able to ID yet! 

The Wall calendar includes 13 photos including the cover, and there is a 
single-page card calendar with just the cover photo on it.

You can view the photos in the calendar online at the online store.

If you are interested, please visit:

Sorry it's a bit late to order them for Christmas, but I had to wait for 
my own copy to arrive so that I could be happy with the quality – and 
being in the UK that took a couple of weeks. 

If you order now, you may get it before the New Year if you are in the 

Also I've updated my site a little to include this info and a bit of a 
commentary on the year's fungi season for me, though no new photos yet.

The site will eventually have new photos added, lord knows there are a 
lot of them to come, but I just haven't had time yet and there's a baby 
on the way!

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year,
Marc Palmer

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