Helvella lacunosa in San Diego county?

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at ipns.com
Wed Jan 15 05:16:08 EST 2003

John Chalmers <jhchalmers at ucsd.edu> wrote in message news:<3E065CA2.D6E9FFD at ucsd.edu>...
> My girlfriend sent me a picture of a mushroom growing in her front yard
> in San Marcos, CA. 
> I think it is Helvella lacunosa as it has a convoluted, thin, black cap
> and a white corded stipe. It tried to attach a picture, but apparently
> this contravenes the group charter --
> sorry.
> My references claim that H.lacunosa are edible, but one should use care,
> parboil them first,
> and eat only a small amount as they contain monomethylhydrazine. Are
> they worth the risk?
H. lacunosa is mostly water. Most will be cooked out of the fungus.
Monomethylhydrazine is a cumulative poison. People who "eat it all the
time" or Gyromitra esculenta often report no symptoms... until their
last meal.

Worth it? Nope.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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