Please help identify this...

Colin Davidson cabd2 at
Mon Jan 20 04:27:44 EST 2003

"Daniel B. Wheeler" <dwheeler at> wrote in message
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> You've never cleaned up the display tables after a mushroom show? The
> A. muscaria positively _reeks_! And sometimes the smell gets too
> strong during the show, and specimens (rather easy to identify, btw)
> must be, <ahem> removed.

I'd add that the smell can vary enormously between specimens, and will also
vary according to what you do with it. If, for exemple, you leave a small
lump floating in milk on the windowledge to produce the fly killing liquid
from which it gets its common name, the smell doesn't seem to be too bad. If
you come across a big stand of dying off specimens in the wood and are
foolish enough to sniff a big one, expect to be put off your dinner.

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