information sought regarding toxicity of lactarius xanthogalactus

e.hutton caterpillar at
Mon Jan 27 05:56:47 EST 2003

Mike Maas wrote:

> Hello,
Snipped about Lactarius
> I also found this big mushroom today that I haven't gotten a spore
> print from. It's the second I've seen and I was unable to get a spore
> print from the first one.  Anyone care to identify it for me?  It is
> about 10" long by 5-6" wide.   As the pictures show there is only one
> stipe. It was growing in dirt/duff among several large (50 yr +)
> redwoods.
> thanks,
With those gills prabably a white spore print.
It looks rather like Leucopaxillus giganteus given its size.
If so it happens to be edible, though the stipe can be rather tough.
Not terribly tasty though.

Edwin Hutton
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