information sought regarding toxicity of lactarius xanthogalactus

Mike Maas docmaas-nospam at
Tue Jan 28 04:45:58 EST 2003

Hello Edwin,

Yes, I think you are correct. The spore prints were white and it looks
a great deal like other samples of the Leucopaxillus giganteus I found
on the net.

thanks for your help.


e.hutton <caterpillar at> wrote:

>Mike Maas wrote:
>> Hello,
>Snipped about Lactarius
>> I also found this big mushroom today that I haven't gotten a spore
>> print from. It's the second I've seen and I was unable to get a spore
>> print from the first one.  Anyone care to identify it for me?  It is
>> about 10" long by 5-6" wide.   As the pictures show there is only one
>> stipe. It was growing in dirt/duff among several large (50 yr +)
>> redwoods.
>> thanks,
>With those gills prabably a white spore print.
>It looks rather like Leucopaxillus giganteus given its size.
>If so it happens to be edible, though the stipe can be rather tough.
>Not terribly tasty though.

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