Have you grown Chicken-of-the-woods?

e.hutton caterpillar at amuscaria.uklinux.net
Fri Jan 31 05:32:56 EST 2003

Sam Jackson wrote:

> Many places sell plugs of Polyporus (Laetiporus) sulphureus,
> also known as Sulfur Shelf.
> 1.  Have you actually gotten it to fruit?  How?
> 2.  Have you eaten it, either grown or harvested from wild?
> How as the taste?
1. I didn't know anyone had tried to grow it. 
2. I have eaten it wild. As to taste the name used over here in England,
Chicken of the Woods, gives you a clue. Decidedly chickeny, with sour
overtones - actually a bit like Chicken Tikka. Mus be eaten when young, it
goes first indigestible then woody after a few days.
Edwin Hutton
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