Orange fungus in window frame?

Eric Wilk Eric.Wilk at
Mon Jul 7 03:43:23 EST 2003

Malinda <malinda at> wrote in message news:<bblpfn$dc0$1 at>...

> My SO also found more of it behind a rotting fascia board above our 
> garage door (same side of house -- east -- if that matters).  We live in 
> Indiana and the weather here has been cool and damp lately.

For all it's worth (I may be stating the obvious) that mycelium
(whatever it may be) could, more than possibly, be connected,
branching to/from other parts of your house.  You may want to check
for more rotting wood in other places in the house, where it may be
incubating.  I would imagine in order to go from your garage to your
window frame (I'm assuming this is a relatively good distance,) there
was a fairly good-sized amount of vegetative mycelium somewhere in
order to provide the nutrition and water needed to branch out that

Or maybe there was a lot in the rotting wood in the garage?  I guess
it's also possible there was just a high sporeload of it in the air at
a very advantageous time, but that seems more unlikely to me.

Just my opinion.

-- Eric

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