Orange fungus in window frame?

Irene Andersson ir at
Tue Jul 8 03:34:34 EST 2003

On 7 Jul 2003 09:43:22 +0100, Eric.Wilk at (Eric Wilk) wrote:

>I guess
>it's also possible there was just a high sporeload of it in the air at
>a very advantageous time

I don't think a high sporeload is necessary at any time. There are
always enough spores around in the air to get the wood infested, if it
fits the fungus (damp and unprotected).

If it is what I beleive, Dacrymyces stillatus - it has become more
common on houses lately, becase house paint and other protective
chemicals now contain less of the protective, poisonus substances (in
order to be less hazardous to the environment, of course...).

People who have made big efforts to paint and protect their houses,
have beleived that the paint they use, would work fine, but are now
beginning to sue the paint producers for marketing useless products.

Irene Andersson

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