Orange fungus in window frame?

Eric Wilk Eric.Wilk at
Wed Jul 9 03:41:40 EST 2003

The same mushroom growing from 2 different spots?  There are a lot of
spores in the air that can grow off of rotting wood; not just that;
wouldn't that be unusual (for it to not get run over by competitors in a
different spot?  Or is is just that tenatious of a strain?

Just asking because I'm curious; I'm not a Mycologist (but I've read a lot.)

-- Eric

Irene Andersson wrote:
> On 7 Jul 2003 09:43:22 +0100, Eric.Wilk at (Eric Wilk) wrote:
> >I guess
> >it's also possible there was just a high sporeload of it in the air at
> >a very advantageous time
> I don't think a high sporeload is necessary at any time. There are
> always enough spores around in the air to get the wood infested, if it
> fits the fungus (damp and unprotected).
> If it is what I beleive, Dacrymyces stillatus - it has become more
> common on houses lately, becase house paint and other protective
> chemicals now contain less of the protective, poisonus substances (in
> order to be less hazardous to the environment, of course...).
> People who have made big efforts to paint and protect their houses,
> have beleived that the paint they use, would work fine, but are now
> beginning to sue the paint producers for marketing useless products.
> Irene Andersson

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