dating from of vernacular name "lyberty cap"

Morlie JL morlie at
Mon Jul 21 03:34:30 EST 2003

(Forgive my English , I am Belgian)

my question is:

 "was the "Psilocybe semilanceata" called "liberty cap"   between  years
1900 - 1930 or before. On the contrary is it a recent "vernacular name"?

Can you send me your quote for the earlier reference you could find. ( I
found nothing in Oxford complete), I believe its easier with old English or
American book about mycology?

"liberty cap " came from the shape of the French  revolution "bonnet
Phrygian" ( fool's cap) symbol of liberty for former slave in Roman Empire,
and Masonic "liberty cap" US ten cent coin.

Best regards to all of you
Jean-Luce Morlie

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