Breakout on my hand....

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Thu Jun 5 03:33:53 EST 2003

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> I am trying to find the name of the ailment (some type of fungal
> disease) that affects only one hand!  I have this and read about it in
> a local health column in our paper (Ask Dr. Paul Donohue) last fall. 
> As soon as I saw the symptoms I realized that's what afflicts me.  I
> went to a dermatologist and they agreed, but also said I had a toe
> fungus.  However, my insurance won't pay for toe fungus
> treatment.....I couldn't get them to understand it was more than
> that!!  Does anyone know the specific ailment I'm describing.....about
> once a month my hand will begin to scale and peel, and cuts and nicks
> get very hand feels tight, and when I pour peroxide on it,
> it turns white all whole hand is affected and only my right
> hand....not my left, not my neck, not my arm, not my feet, not my
> crotch.....just my right hand.  Please, someone give me a name that I
> can tell my DR.  Thank you.....
> Sam

You were probably scratching your foot with that hand and it spread;
it's the same fungus.  Maybe put some athlete's foot creme or whatever
on your hand?

I'm no doctor, though; you might want to post this in

-- Eric

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