Orange fungus in window frame?

e.hutton caterpillar at
Fri Jun 6 03:35:28 EST 2003

Malinda wrote:

> Greetings!  I hope someone here can help; I've scoured the web and can't
> find any answers.
> This morning I discovered a small, bright orange, wavy looking fungus in
> the bottom of a wooden window frame (between the screen and the glass).
> Judging by pictures I've found on the web, it seems like it *might* be
> orange peel fungus, but I can't find any reference to orange peel fungus
> growing on wood -- only soil.  Might it be something else?  Do we need to
> be concerned with doing anything other than replacing the wood?
> My SO also found more of it behind a rotting fascia board above our
> garage door (same side of house -- east -- if that matters).  We live in
> Indiana and the weather here has been cool and damp lately.
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Malinda
Three comments
1.One of my books has a fungus 'Sarcoscypha coccinea' that looks very
  similar to orange peel fungus 'Aleuria aurantia' and grows on woody
  debris (this is a UK and northern Europe book).
2.Rotting wood is very like soil (no doubt you have seen moss growing
  on a dead log).
3.Fungi can't read :-) and occasionally don't follow the books.
Edwin Hutton
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