Breakout on my hand....

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Fri Jun 6 03:35:29 EST 2003

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> > I am trying to find the name of the ailment (some type of fungal
> > disease) that affects only one hand!  I have this and read about it in
> > a local health column in our paper (Ask Dr. Paul Donohue) last fall. 
> > As soon as I saw the symptoms I realized that's what afflicts me.  I
> > went to a dermatologist and they agreed, but also said I had a toe
> > fungus.  However, my insurance won't pay for toe fungus
> > treatment.....I couldn't get them to understand it was more than
> > that!!  Does anyone know the specific ailment I'm describing.....about
> > once a month my hand will begin to scale and peel, and cuts and nicks
> > get very hand feels tight, and when I pour peroxide on it,
> > it turns white all whole hand is affected and only my right
> > hand....not my left, not my neck, not my arm, not my feet, not my
> > crotch.....just my right hand.  Please, someone give me a name that I
> > can tell my DR.  Thank you.....
> > Sam
> You were probably scratching your foot with that hand and it spread;
> it's the same fungus.  Maybe put some athlete's foot creme or whatever
> on your hand?
> I'm no doctor, though; you might want to post this in
> -- Eric

Thanks, Eric, but no, it's not that...otherwise I'd have athletes
foot, which I don't.  Or maybe just one time in the last 2 or 3 years
it might afflict some other body part, but it doesn't.  There is a
name for specifically attacks only one foot or hand and
remains there until treated, usually dormant, but breaks out
occasionally.  The article said only oral antibiotic would cure it. 
thanks again for your reply....

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