Breakout on my hand....

Eric Wilk Eric.Wilk at
Mon Jun 9 03:45:14 EST 2003

Sam A. wrote:

=>Thanks, Eric, but no, it's not that...otherwise I'd have athletes
foot, which I don't.  Or maybe just one time in the last 2 or 3 years
it might afflict some other body part, but it doesn't.  There is a
name for specifically attacks only one foot or hand and
remains there until treated, usually dormant, but breaks out
occasionally.  The article said only oral antibiotic would cure it. 
thanks again for your reply....

Well, what do you think was between your toes?  Athlete's foot is
actually most common between the 3rd and 4th toes because of the humid
microclimate brought forth by the shape of your foot which is great
for fungal growth.  Fungi won't just grow off your hand in any normal
condition unless you are immunocomprimised or for some reason have
something very wrong with your hand.

"Sounds like Trichophyton rubrum or a related species."

So, inother words, athlete's foot?  How could you tell the
genus/species?  Or was it just because that's the most common?  Just
curious ;)

-- Eric

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