Tricholoma columbetta look-alike?

tao of elizabth taoofelizabeth at
Wed Jun 11 03:44:48 EST 2003

I need help from some experts! I’ve only been studying mycology
for about 5 months, so my confidence in ID skills with mushrooms other
than morels and such is pretty shaky…
   Yesterday I found the most beautiful white mushroom near my home in
the Cleveland, OH area. It was PURE white except for a few beige
flecks on the cap that are not entirely unlike the “warts”
on amanitas.  There was no annulus on the fibrous stipe.  It was
growing out of  some hummus type stuff stuck in  a cut up log, and had
a deeper “root” than I could dig out.
      I suppose this is the part where someone could actually help me:
It looks EXACTLY like the rare Tricholoma columbetta, but it’s
gills are not attached to the stipe. It has very firm flesh, and the
spore print looks like it’s going to be white. I don’t
have any pictures, but I was wondering if anyone could point me to
some T. columbetta look-alikes- I don’t presume I have found
such a rare mushroom in this relatively urban area of Ohio.
     Also, I was wondering if it was possible for mushrooms that
usually appear in the forest and open ground to grow on that
hummus-type-stuff stuck in dead trees that I described?


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