Liquid germination of spores?

Eric Wilk Eric.Wilk at
Mon Mar 10 04:40:17 EST 2003

Yes, it will work, if you are completely sterile.  Usually spores do not
come from a sterile source, however, and it is better to germinate them
on water agar in this case.

If you are to use liquid media you can pH to 4.7 to make more specific
to fungi.

Bigbertha wrote:
> Hi all,
>        i heard of a way to germinate spores using liquid media rather
> than agar-agar plates.  The guy who explained it to me said that using
> this technique i would dramatically reduce the colonisation time on
> grain media.
> 1- Germinate the spores in 3/4 of a mason jar using 89% water, 10% malt
> and       1% yeast.
> 2- Make sure you have sufficent air in the mason jar (1/4).
> 3- Give a generous shake to that jar 2-3 times daily. Make sure to shake
> the jar at least 1 minute this should be sufficent for the spores get
> their oxygen from that shaking.
> 4- Between each shake, store the jar on it's side rather than lid UP, in
> a relatively warm place.
> 5- Do this for a week or so. That should give the spores more than enuff
> time to germinate. Prepare the grain media and pour 10% of content
> (Liquid media) over grain media. Distributed evenly, one jar of liquid
> media should innoculate 10 grain filled mason jars. This is of course,
> if you use same size Mason jars during the whole process.
> Here's what that guy told me. Feel free to try it but please i would
> like to have more information and reply from people who had experiences
> with a similar technique.

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